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Gospel Tracts

Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen

This tract exposes the false prosperity gospel of Joel Osteen

The Watch Tower

Not only has the Watch Tower proven it cannot be God’s channel for truth, but trusting witnesses can never know if what is taught as truth today will be tomorrows lie. If truth today makes yesterdays truth a lie, this certainly can NOT be described as the light getting brighter and brighter.


The following FACTS represent teachings that are either openly taught in the Mormon Church today, or that have been taught by the highest authorities of the Mormon Church. All quotes given are from official LDS publications or the Bible.

Jehovah Witnesses

"The WATCHTOWER in Light of Scripture" by Peter Barnes. Paperback book, 222 pages, and 13 chapters examining Watchtower claims in light of the Bible.

The Truth About Jesus and the Trinity

"The Truth about JESUS and the TRINITY"
by Peter Barnes. Paperback book, 62 pages, and 6 chapters. This book examines and refutes the Watch Tower's false teaching about the trinity.

Are You Ready?" by J.C. Ryle
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