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Come to Jesus

Come to Jesus

By Newman Hall (1816-1902)

Come to Jesus invites sinners to the Savior. In thirty-one short sections, Hall lays out the reasons why sinners must come to Jesus, the wonderful character of the One calling sinners to Himself, and what “coming to Jesus” means. The invitation is freely made to all to come—and to come now.

Christopher Newman Hall (1816-1902) was an English Nonconformist divine and temperance reformer, born at Maidstone. His father was John Vine Hall, proprietor and printer of the Maidstone Journal, and the author of a popular evangelical work called The Sinner’s Friend. Newman attended Highbury College and was called to his first pastorate at the Albion Congregational Church, Hull, in 1842. The membership and influence of this congregation grew during his twelve years there. In 1854 he accepted a call to Surrey Chapel, London, founded in 1783 by Rowland Hill. In 1892 Newman Hall resigned his charge and devoted himself to general evangelical and social work. His writings were mostly small booklets or tracts of a distinctly evangelical character. His works include Christian Victory, It Is I or The Voice of Jesus in the Storm, and his best known Come to Jesus, of which over four million copies have been circulated in forty different languages. Newman Hall also wrote several volumes of hymns. As a friend of Charles H. Spurgeon, he occasionally preached in Spurgeon’s pulpit and is mentioned in several of his sermons. He visited the United States during the War Between the States and did much to promote mutual understanding between England and America.

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