Infant Baptism or Believer's Baptism?

What is the proper mode of baptism? Is infant baptism biblical? What is the meaning and history of baptism? Is baptism required for salvation? Watch these excellent sermons by John MacArthur: Is Infant Baptism Biblical? (Selected Scriptures) John MacArthur Believer's Baptism (Selected Scriptures) John MacArthur

Richard Bennett - From Tradition To Truth - A Priest’s Story

Richard Bennett - From Tradition To Truth - A Priest’s Story The Early Years Born Irish, in a family of eight, my early childhood was fulfilled and happy. My father was a colonel in the Irish Army until he retired when I was about nine. As a family, we loved to play, sing, and act, all within a military camp in Dublin. We were a typical Irish Roman Catholic family. My father sometimes knelt down to pray at his bedside in a solemn manner. Most evenings we would kneel in the living room to say the Rosary together. No one ever missed Mass on Sundays unless he was seriously ill. By the time I was about five or six years of age, Jesus Christ was a very real person to me, but so also were Mar

A Catholic Priest Is Biblically Saved

Richard Bennett, former Catholic priest for 22 years shares his testimony of finding peace with God and knowing Christ. Richard Bennett clearly explains how, as a sincere Catholic Priest, the Lord Jesus Christ triumphed over him. Please share this video known to your fellow church members and your family and friends. For more information, please, visit his website at

Only One Way

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12). Let us make sure that we rightly understand what the Apostle Peter means. He says of Christ, “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.” Now what is this? On our clearly seeing this very much depends. He means that no one can be saved from sin, its guilt, power, and consequences,—excepting by Jesus Christ. He means that no one can have peace with God the Father,—obtain pardon in this world, and escape wrath to come in the next,—excepting through the atonement and mediation

Evolution Vs. God

Evolution Vs. God By Ray Comfort An excellent video defending creation against evolution.

Eight Lies You Hear On Campus and In the World

Eight Lies You Hear On Campus and In the World By Richard Ochs Lie #1: In order to believe the Bible one must commit intellectual suicide. It is a myth of modern education that a truly intelligent person will not believe the Bible. Actually, many very intelligent people have viewed the Bible as not only essential to faith, but also as the very foundation of knowledge. Most of the early colleges in America were founded on this principle. William and Mary, Yale, and Princeton, to name a few, had the Bible at the center of their curriculum. As the first Harvard laws stated in 1642, “Let every student be plainly instructed and earnestly pressed to consider well the main end of his life and studi

Come to Jesus

Come to Jesus By Newman Hall (1816-1902) Come to Jesus invites sinners to the Savior. In thirty-one short sections, Hall lays out the reasons why sinners must come to Jesus, the wonderful character of the One calling sinners to Himself, and what “coming to Jesus” means. The invitation is freely made to all to come—and to come now. Christopher Newman Hall (1816-1902) was an English Nonconformist divine and temperance reformer, born at Maidstone. His father was John Vine Hall, proprietor and printer of the Maidstone Journal, and the author of a popular evangelical work called The Sinner’s Friend. Newman attended Highbury College and was called to his first pastorate at the Albion Congregation

What Christ Is to Us

What Christ Is To Us (This is only a brief summary of what Christ is to us. If we would list them all, "I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen" (John 21:25). In writing this I could not stop as I continued to see what Christ is to us!) Read more

Catholicism & the “Primacy of the Apostle Peter”

Catholicism & the “Primacy of the Apostle Peter” By Edward L. Dalcour of Roman Catholicism is the largest “professing” Christian denomination worldwide with over a billion members. In spite of the numbers, as pointed out many times before, the Roman Catholic Church is a false church embracing many teachings that sharply oppose “essential” biblical doctrine. Some of Rome’s anti-biblical teachings include Purgatory (which is a flat out denial of the sufficiency and infallible work of Christ alone); the worship of Mary (as well as other false Marian doctrines); and Rome’s denial of justification through “faith alone.” It is unfortunate that many Christian leaders, who a

Are You a Good Person?

Are You a Good Person? An excellent gospel animated tract featuring the voice of Kirk Cameron.

Questions About Cults & Religions

Questions about Cults & Religions Here are good articles on different cults and religions and how to know the truth through Jesus Christ:

The Doctrines of Grace

The Doctrines of Grace John MacArthur Listen to this excellent series by John MacArthur:

Explaining the Heresy of Catholicism

Explaining the Heresy of Catholicism John MacArthur Listen to this excellent series by John Macarthur at:

The Deity of Christ

The Deity of Christ By L.R. Shelton, JR. IT HAS BEEN UPON MY HEART FOR SOME TIME now to bring a series of messages on the Eternal Sonship of Christ, His Deity and His place in the Holy Trinity as God the Son. So, believing that the Holy Spirit is leading to deliver these messages at this time, we bring before you the first of these series. To me, the subject of the DEITY OF JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE CHRIST OF GOD, and His ETERNAL SONSHIP is a subject that is higher than the heavens, deeper than the deepest sea, and one that we who are God’s people will continue to learn about throughout all the ages to come. It is a subject that has been preached about for millenniums, rejoiced in by God’s peop

Believer's Baptism By Immersion

BELIEVER’S BAPTISM BY IMMERSION: A NEW TESTAMENT AND BAPTIST DISTINCTIVE By Dr. W.R. Downing An excellent article explaining the meaning and the Biblical mode of baptism which is immersion for believers only. Read the full article


"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" Jesus in John 8:32 Notice:- These dates are in many cases approximate. Many of these heresies had been current in the church years before, but only when they were officially adopted by a church council and proclaimed by the pope as dogma of faith, did they become binding on Catholics. And doctrine to be true must conform to the Word of God. "To the law and to the testimony; if they speak not according to this word, it become there is no light in them." (Isaiah 8:20). At the Reformation in the 16th Century these heresies were repudiated as having no part in the Religion of Jesus as taught in the New Testament. Read the full arti

A Closer Look at the Charismatic Movement

A Closer Look at the Charismatic Movement By Dr. Stanford E. Murrell A study of the modern day Charismatic movement should be studied because of widespread differences of opinions that exists within the body of Christ and because of false understanding leading people to seek a personal experience rather than the power of God to win souls. Read more

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