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Come to Jesus

Matthew 11:28-30

He promises rest. But far better than rest of body is rest of soul. It is wretched to be a slave, to groan, bleed, toil; but far worse to be Satan’s bondman, dragging about an evil conscience and an aching heart. Rest from this cannot be had but by coming to Jesus. And, if we come, He will lighten every other load. Are you poor? Come, and He will make you rich forever. Are you sick? Come, and He will cure your worst disease. Are you sad? Come, and He will wipe away your tears. Are you bereaved? Come, and He will be to you a brother in adversity, who changes not, and never dies. Is sin a burden? O then, come to Jesus and He will take it all away. Do you dread the day of death and judgment? Come, and that day will be the dawn of life and glory. O then, come.

To be merely called by such a Person should be enough to make us glad. Of a stranger, we might say, “Perhaps he intends me no good”; of a poor man, “He cannot assist me, however willing”; of a selfish rich man, “Who can expect aught from him?” But if a Howard or a Wilberforce said to a mourner, “Come,” he might feel quite sure some kindness was intended. Now He who invites thee, sinner, is both able and willing to help. He has clothes for the naked, food for the hungry, wealth for the poor, eternal life for all. His very word, “Come,” is enough to make thee glad.

A blind beggar by the way side, hearing He was passing, cried out, “Mercy, mercy!” The people told him to be quiet; but he shouted the louder, “Have mercy on me!” Jesus invited him: and then some said, as though he might now be quite sure of a blessing, “Be of good comfort; rise, He calleth thee.” They knew Jesus never called and then refused; and so they told him to rejoice. Sinner, be you of good cheer; the same Jesus calleth thee. As the blind man threw off his cloak lest it should hinder him, do you cast off everysin that would stop you—rush through every crowd of difficulties, and falling at the feetof Jesus say, “Have mercy on me? I am blind, I am lost; save, or I perish.” Are you toogreat a sinner? The more need to come. Have you a guilty conscience? With that guiltyconscience, come. Have you a wicked heart? With that wicked heart, come. Have younothing with which to purchase His favor? “Without money,” come. Rich and poor, mastersand servants, old and young, white man and black, sinners of every class, come.

Read Isaiah 55; Matthew 8:1-17; 11:28-30; Mark 10:46-52; Revelation 22:17.

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